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    My family are creeps April 22nd, 2016

    I swear it’s like ever since I recovered that one flash, they’ve been acting creepy. I remember come 2015 in December when my dad was just…looking over my shoulder, waiting outside the bathroom as if waiting for me to take a shower and put down my phone (which I finally put a stop to just by telling him to back off) and things like that. Not to mention my doctors are being jerks. My psychiatrist, for example — she is a nice woman, don’t get me wrong (most of the time she is), but she’s assuming it’s OCD that’s causing my problems. No. It’s. Not. It’s not like that at all. And frankly, that’s kind of insulting. I mean, yeah, I might have anxiety and OCD but that doesn’t mean that my perceptions are fucked up; it doesn’t mean that I’m stupid, for God’s sake. Times like this is why I trust the Internet more than my family. I think that’s why they hate the Internet so much. They want to stay as ignorant and close-minded as they can and because I’m stuck in college trying to get a degree and such, I can’t just go very low contact/no contact. I can’t just get out of here. In addition, they’re trying to control my sleep schedule like I’m some sort of child even though I’m in college, for Christ’s sakes. My dad’s even said, basically, that I don’t deserve to be treated like an adult (and this coming from the man who basically throws tantrums when he loses an argument with my mom, so…pot calling the kettle black, Dad).


    I shouldn’t say any of this, but my family are just being incredibly. Goddamn. Creepy. It’s not enough that they don’t believe that I have good fucking reasons to be worried about things, but then they have to stalk me, treat me like a child, things like that. Then again, Dad’s never given a shit about what I had to say, so…must be a day ending in “y”, I guess. I don’t even want to believe the worst of them, but they’re giving me good fucking reasons to hate them. They’re ignorant, insensitive, they’ve got their heads in the sand, they actually do think people lie about child abuse…all that crap. They’re assholes. I mean, fortunately I get to possibly get away from them in two months (July, to be more precise) so…I can at least keep counting down the months and try and take care of myself. And while at camp, I am going to make a point of having as little contact with them as possible.

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